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I am the proud single parent of two wonderful children; my older son is headed to college and my younger son has special needs. I am pleased to share that Atlantic Financial Consulting Group (AFCG) has successfully led me by the hand though the maze of planning my estate on behalf of my children.

First, AFCG reviewed their Special Needs Access Program (S.N.A.P.), which provides immediate online access to the information that caregivers and special needs adults may need in an emergency. What a relief it is to know that this will be made available to my child automatically should anything happen to me.

Then, AFCG recommended one of their pre-approved advisory firms to manage my sons' trusts. What impressed me most is that they work in fiduciary capacity, one which demands the highest standards. AFCG explained how different this is from the suitability model used by investment firms, which actually allows the salesperson and his employer to place their interests first. The burden of determining the merits of any advice is placed upon the client, whereas a fiduciary legally assumes this burden for you. Having such a watchdog on my family's team offers me great peace of mind.

The advisor also collaborated with an attorney from one of AFCG's pre-approved law firms to spin straw into gold in regard to my son's special needs trust. They created a sort of double safety net for my special needs child with an irrevocable trust which purchased a life to happen to me. These assets are invested very prudently and should protect both of my children for many years in the likely event that I predecease them.

AFCG also pointed out an important issue that many parents aren't aware of: without an irrevocable trust, all of the family's assets could be depleted before the government will provide services, depriving surviving children of their intended inheritances.

If you have children, especially those with special needs, I strongly urge you to consider working with AFCG to create and maintain this kind of protection for your children. In my opinion, it's one of the most important acts of love we as parents can leave as a legacy for our kids.

-Veronica W.