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There's financial planning, and then there’s Team Wealth Management. Think of wealth management as a step up from garden-variety financial planning. A team (rather than one person) provides a range of services for a client: personal financial planning and investment management, tax reduction and estate planning strategies, and legal resources. Business continuation planning, tax preparation, college planning and charitable gift and estate planning are often added to the menu.

The difference is really big-picture. Financial planning usually means creating a strategy for accumulating wealth for retirement and personal goals. Investment management focuses on managing financial assets with a performance level in mind. Wealth management, in comparison, considers the total net worth of a family, a couple or an individual. It weighs often-overlapping financial decisions in light of an investment portfolio and additional components of the financial picture such as real estate, insurance, a business, college, charitable, estate planning and more.

Yet it is also about paying attention to detail. Every successful professional or business owner reaches a point of delegation – there comes a point at which you can’t do it all yourself. Indeed, it can be hazardous to try and keep track of every detail without help. The same goes for your finances – your taxes, your investments, your various accounts.

Proper wealth management helps you stay on top of things. A skilled wealth management team pays attention to many of the financial details in your life for you. You can free up your mind. You feel confident because the wealth management team has an ongoing relationship with you, with regular reviews and communication. We never want any surprises, other than that our services are better than expected.

Wealth management unites expert advisors from different disciplines as a team. At AFCG, as independent professionals, we freely share the best proven ideas and strategies because our only obligation is to our mutual client, not to a parent company and its shareholders. We then present our recommendations as a group to our client and their family members and business partners.

So when is it time for Team Wealth Management? If you have too many financial concerns, issues or priorities to address by yourself, then it is certainly time for this kind of financial care. And even if your financial life is less complex, significant wealth calls for a vigilant, ongoing management team approach to grow and protect it. And also to know in advance that you have a proven team which can be counted on when called upon if you’re no longer able to be there.

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