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We are each professional advisors who received our training at some of the largest companies in America. While we are grateful for the opportunity given to us by our previous employers, especially when we had so little to offer in terms of practical experience, we eventually grew tired of the conflicts of interest inherent in prioritizing the interests of one’s employer, often at clients’ expense. We each knew that there somehow had to be a better way.

While it is always much easier to remain employed at a large company with its benefits, salaries, bonuses, and multi-million dollar ad campaigns, once we became enlightened, each of us possessed a strong moral compass which drove us separately to work up the courage it takes to strike out on one’s own, or with colleagues, or to join an established independent firm. We did this in order to be able to place our clients’ interests first, daunting though it was, since many try but few succeed.

We are pleased to say that we each guessed right. We now enjoy the enviable luxury of individually and collectively offering to consumers what we each feel very strongly is a far superior model of advising. We then rely on our satisfied clients to help spread the word to those they care about most: their family, friends and colleagues.

Personal endorsements are the highest compliments we can ever receive, for which we thank you in advance. So if you aren’t completely satisfied with everything we do for you, please tell us immediately on the requested post-review form. But if, as we fully expect, you’re absolutely thrilled, please tell everyone else!