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While many Americans engage one or more providers of professional services, these advisors rarely meet with each other to collaborate and explore all options available in an inter-disciplinary fashion, and then agree on the optimal action plan. Additionally, it is difficult for consumers to know of the best providers in each discipline, what is fair and reasonable pricing, who is actually responsible for the final work product, and then convince them to meet with other experts to work together holistically for their benefit.

AFCG has solved this problem by establishing relationships with pre-approved experts in their fields, each one an independent business owner whose loyalty is to the client, not to a parent company, its management and its shareholders. Now, a consumer needs simply to select the desired objective from our menu of Client Services and a complimentary introductory meeting will be scheduled with the appropriate team members.

If we believe we can help and the client agrees, those retained will research their own particular areas of expertise, then collaborate in an inter-disciplinary fashion to create a master plan with the optimal solutions outlined in an executive summary, complete with the recommended action steps necessary for success